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Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ electric skateboard on Amazon


Boosted Board

Boosted Board

Before the Boosted Board came along, most skateboarders cared more about having fun on their boards than using them to get from Point A to Point B. But after witnessing someone zip straight uphill at over 20 MPH on a Boosted Board, who could possibly have fun on a regular old skateboard?

The Boosted Board was born in 2012 when a team of Stanford engineers strapped a lithium ion battery and belt-drive motor onto a customized longboard. After zipping up and down the hills around San Francisco on their new creation, they turned to Kickstarter to bring Boosted Board to the masses, raising $467,167 in the fall of 2012.

The first generation of Boosted Boards shipped to those Kickstarter backers 2013 and were an instant hit. Yet despite all of the rave reviews from fans including popular YouTuber Casey Neistat, Boosted Board version 1.0 had a major weakness: its battery. With a range of just 6 miles, only riders with the shortest commutes could rely on Boosted and nothing else to get them to work on time. The rest had to use it for fun or as a “last mile vehicle” after hopping off the subway or bus.

So the Boosted team got back to work. After tinkering in their workshop for the last couple of years, they are back with a much improved Boosted version 2.0.

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The 2nd Generation Boosted Board Dual+

Boosted Board Dual+ tech specsThe Boosted Board Dual+ is a 2000 watt electric skateboard that can hit speeds of 22 miles per hour. It has two brushless DC motors that will let you effortlessly tackle steep hills before the regenerative braking system recharges the board’s batteries on the way back down. Speed and braking are controlled via Boosted’s intuitive handheld bluetooth remote. And if falling off a skateboard at 20+ MPH is a scary proposition to you, just keep the remote set to beginner mode until you are ready to pick up the pace.

But with Boosted Board’s updated tagline promising to “free your commute,” none of those other specs would matter if the battery range wasn’t improved. Thankfully the Boosted team delivered. Boosted’s new extended range battery pack pushes the board’s maximum range to nearly 12 miles with a single charge.

So the new Boosted Board can get you where you need to go, quickly and safely, and without you ever breaking a sweat. And with a weight of around 15 pounds, Boosted Board can be by your side wherever your travels may take you. Carry it into the office after your commute, throw it in the trunk of an Uber if it gets too dark to ride home, or check it to your final destination on your next flight.

With all that tech crammed into into a durable bamboo Vanguard longboard, we must warn you the Boosted Board isn’t cheap. But just remember you aren’t paying for a toy to have fun. You are paying for a modern means of personal transportation. When you look at it that way, Boosted Board is well worth the cost. Especially considering all of the fun you’ll have saving money on gas as you zip past rush hour traffic.

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