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The Crowded Creations 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Crowded Creations 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guides

The Crowded Creations 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Crowded Creations 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

50 unique gift ideas from the world of Kickstarter

Welcome to Crowded Creations 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you find yourself reading this, you already know: it’s rough sledding out there for gift givers. In today’s “Buy Now With 1-Click” world, easy impulse purchases have decimated once-healthy holiday wish lists. Meanwhile, the rise of streaming services like Netflix have cut off our supply of easy last-minute gift staples like CDs and DVDs (much to the chagrin of Best Buy). But even with all of those forces working against you, there is one last bastion of hope in this new gift giving world: Kickstarter.

Thousands of innovative new products launch each year on Kickstarter, but after their initial crowdfunding campaign wraps up they often find themselves at the bottom of the retail totem pole, where they are overshadowed by a slew of boring yet better selling products. To help you find the diamonds in the rough we spent the last few days combing through the archives of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites to find 50 of the most interesting gift ideas for our annual holiday gift guide.

Like everything else we feature here on Crowded Creations, each of the products in this holiday gift guide first launched on the heels of a successful crowdfunding campaign. But unlike the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers that pre-purchased these innovative goods, you don’t have to wait months to get your hands on them – each one can be purchased immediately Amazon with free two-day shipping. So skip the craziness and long lines at the mall and spend the extra gas money on something nice for yourself!

Oh yeah, and since we are in holiday gift giving spirit, we’re giving away a few of our favorite Kickstarted gift ideas to some lucky readers. Be sure to sign up for each giveaway as you scroll past it while browsing the entire list.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click through and purchase any of these products, I may receive a a small percentage of the sales price at no extra cost to you.

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Small Gifts With Equally Small Price Tags

Fidget Cube Holiday Gift Guide

Fidget Cube

2017 may have been the year of the fidget spinner, but 2016 belonged to the Fidget Cube. Described as “an unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus,” the Fidget Cube’s six sides of distraction will keep the antsy fidgeters in your life occupied for hours.

Fidget Cube raised over $6 million on Kickstarter in 2016!

Buy it now for just $6.99 on Amazon.

Shop Fidget Cube On Amazon

Keysmart keychain organizer

KeySmart Keychain Organizer

The perfect gift for the noisy key jinglers in your life. KeySmart organizes messy keychains by packing all of your keys into a neat, poke-free holder. Pair it with the three other stocking stuffers shared below for a complete keychain gift set!

KeySmart raised $329,862 on Kickstarter in 2013.

Buy it now for just $19.98 on Amazon.

Shop KeySmart On Amazon

Tile bluetooth tracker

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

Tile is a tiny bluetooth tracker with an easy-to-use app to help you find everyday items in seconds. The Tile works both ways, so if you have your tile but can’t find your phone, Tile can make your phone ring, even with it’s on silent! Tile’s Slim version slides into wallets or sticks on to laptops while the Mate’s smaller but thicker tracker is perfect for keychains.

Tile launched with a $2.6 million Selfstarter campaign in 2013.

Buy it now for just $18.98 on Amazon.

Shop Tile On Amazon

MyKee brushed titanium multi-tool keyMyKee Multi-tool

Whereas the KeySmart adds some organization to a keychain, MyKee adds functionality. This 18-in-1 multi-tool (which fits easily on the KeySmart) packs a blade, bottle opener, and hex set into a 0.185 ounce key.

KeySmart raised $126.825 on Kickstarter in 2015.

Buy it now for just $20.55 on Amazon.

Shop MyKee On Amazon

inCharge portable charging keychaininCharge Keychain Phone Charger

Tired of lending your phone charger to a certain somebody who never returns it? Kill two birds with one gift by giving them a inCharge keychain phone charger! This ultra portable USB charging cable comes in both lightning (Apple) and microUSB (Android) versions.

The inCharge raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in 2015!

Buy it now for just $12.99 on Amazon.

Shop inCharge On Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Your “Nice List”

Splurge-Worthy Gift Ideas For Your Favorite People

Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+ electric skateboard on Amazon

Boosted Board

Zip around at speeds of up to 22 MPH on the world’s most popular electric skateboard. It’s light enough to carry anywhere and with a 12 mile battery range it’s the perfect solution for urban commuters who want to zip through traffic on the way to and from work.

Boosted Board raised $467,167 on Kickstarter in October 2012. 

Buy it now for just $1,199.00 on Amazon.

Shop Boosted Board On Amazon

Oculus Rift VR SystemOculus Rift + Touch VR System

Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming and Oculus stands above the competition. This complete system comes with the Rift headset, touch controllers, and low-latency tracking sensors to immerse you in the Rift’s six included VR game titles.

Oculus Rift raised over $2.4 million on Kickstarter in 2012!

Buy it now for just $399.00 on Amazon.

Shop Oculus Rift On Amazon

Opal nugget ice maker AmazonOpal Nugget Ice Maker

Nugget ice is the best ice. That’s not debatable. But until now it’s been almost impossible to make in home freezers. Opal changes that, producing a pound of the crunchy and chewy stuff in under an hour.

Opal Nugget Ice Maker raised $2.8 million on IndieGoGo in 2015!

Buy it now for just $499.00 on Amazon.

Shop Opal Nugget Ice Maker On Amazon

Solo Stove stainless steel fire pit amazonSolo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire is an efficient stainless steel fire pit that produces almost no smoke. The double wall design leads to a secondary combustion that burns logs cleanly, with no half-burnt logs left behind after the fire dies down.

Solo Stove Bonfire raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter in 2016.

Buy it now for just $299.99 on Amazon.

Shop Solo Stove Bonfire On Amazon

Eight sleep tracker mattress coverEight Sleep Tracker

Eight is smart mattress cover that tracks sleep and controls temperature to help you sleep better, longer. Built-in heaters let you set your ideal temperature for your side of the bed, while sensors inside Eight determine when you are awake or asleep and in different stages of sleep. And with built in wifi, you can sync Eight with your other smart devices to brew a fresh pot of coffee when you start stirring in the morning or blast heavy metal when you hit the snooze a few too many times.

Eight raised $1.2 million on IndieGoGo in 2015!

Buy it now for just $331.39 on Amazon.

Shop Eight On Amazon

Gift Ideas For Mom & Dad

New twists on traditional (and boring) gifts

Freaker feet socks holiday gift guideSocks: Freaker Feet

Statement socks are the new power ties and these “one size fits most” socks are sure to spark some fun conversations. Freaker Feet’s 100% american-made socks have hundreds of different designs including funny puns, college sports teams, state flags, and pop culture characters. Grab a pair for the white-sock types in your life.

Freaker Feet raised $255,264 on Kickstarter in February 2015.

Shop for a variety of styles on Amazon by clicking below.

Shop Freaker Feet On Amazon

Bookniture book that turns into furniture holiday gift guideBooks: Bookniture

Bookniture may look like your standard hardbound book when folded up on a bookshelf, but once fully opened, this cylindrical origami furniture can withstand a half ton of weight. Perfect for an impromptu stool or footrest.

Bookniture raised $449,969 on Kickstarter in March of 2015.

Buy it now for just $89.00 on Amazon.

Shop Bookniture on Amazon

Playbulb LED candle Amazon holiday gift guideCandle: Playbulb LED Smart Candle

They might not smell as good as those Yankee Candles filling up your mom’s bedroom, but these LED “candles” will last a lot longer. Playbulb can be set to display millions of different colors using your smartphone or by blowing it on/off and giving it a quick shake. And if you still long for regular candle light, Playbulb has a built-in tealight candle holder in its base.

Playbulb raised $266,519 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy a pair for just $24.99 on Amazon.

Shop Playbulb On Amazon

Neo N2 smart pen amazon holiday gift guidePen: Neo N2 Smart Pen

This nifty little pen digitizes anything it writes on paper, storing handwritten or transcribed notes in the cloud. Neo N2 users can also record and playback audio notes that are synced to pen strokes.

Neo N2 raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter in October 2014.

Buy it now for just $139.99 on Amazon.

Shop Neo On Amazon

SlimFold Slim Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet from KickstarterBifold Wallet: Slimfold Micro

If your dad is still carrying around a brick of a bifold in his back pocket, this minimal front pocket wallet will change his life. Made from a durable waterproof material, Slimfold Micro can still easily store up to 8 cards and cash while folding 2-3 times thinner than leather wallets.

Slimfold raised $169,300 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy one now for just $45.00 on Amazon or enter below to win one for free!

Shop SlimFold On Amazon

Slimfold Minimalist Wallet Giveaway

Holiday Gift Guide For Children

Fun & Educational Gift Ideas For Smart & Creative Kids

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls Book Gift

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

“Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” is a children’s book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world.

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls raised $675,614 for their first book on Kickstarter in 2016 and another $866,193 in 2017 for their Volume 2.

Buy Volume 1 or Volume 2 for just $35.00 on Amazon.

Shop Good Night Stories on Kickstarter

Brik Tile Lego Wall Tile Amazon Holiday Gift GuideBrik Tile

Keep your kid’s LEGOs off the ground with these peel and stick (and removable) wall tiles. Brik Tiles are compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, and Kreo, letting your little ones decorate their walls without doing permanent damage.

Brik Tile raised $181,567 on Kickstarter in August of 2016.

Buy it now for just $44.25 on Amazon.

Shop Brik Tile On Amazon

3Doodler 3D Printing Pen3doodler 3D Printing Pen

With no hot parts, 3Doodler is the only child-safe 3D printing pen, perfect for fun and creative STEM learning.

The original 3Doodler raised $2.3 million on Kickstarter in March 2013.

Buy it now for just $49.99 on Amazon.

Shop 3Doodler On Amazon

Kano Computer Amazon Holiday Gift GuideKano Computer

Kano is a “computer anyone can make” that makes hardware and coding easy and accessible for kids.

Kano raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter in December 2013.

Buy it now for just $115.13 on Amazon.

Shop Kano On Amazon

Strawbees inventor kitStrawbees Inventor Builder Kit

Strawbees is a prototyping toy kit for young makers. This 400-piece kit of straws and cardboard connectors let children build huge mechanical objects, either from the included designs or from their own mind.

Strawbees raised $91,660 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy it now for just Out of stock on Amazon.

Shop Strawbees On Amazon

Gift Ideas For Family Game Night (Maybe)

Popular kid-friendly and not-so-kid-friendly card games

Exploding Kittens Kickstarter Gift guideExploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a “highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.” This family friendly 56-card party game was the most backed project in Kickstarter history and features illustrations by popular cartoonist The Oatmeal.

Exploding Kittens raised over $8 million in 2015!

Buy it now for just $19.99 on Amazon.

Shop Exploding Kitten On Amazon

Bears vs Babies Amazon Holiday Gift GuideBears vs Babies

From the creators of Exploding Kittens, Bears vs. Babies is a family-friendly strategic party game that takes 20 minutes to play. the 107 cards, playmat and rulebook come inside a furry box with “grooming kit sold separately.”

Bears vs Babies raised $3.2 million on Kickstarter in November 2016.

Buy it now for just $29.99 on Amazon.

Shop Fidget Cube On Amazon

Cards Against Humanity Amazon Holiday Gift GuideCards Against Humanity

This NSFW Apples-to-Apples style card game became a worldwide phenomenon after it launched on Kickstarter way back in 2011. While you can still buy the original starter pack for just $25.00 on Amazon, check out some of the more recent expansion packs to keep things fresh.

Shop Cards Against Humanity On Amazon

Joking HazardJoking Hazard

Another adults-only party game, Joking Hazard pits three or more players against each other to build “funny and terrible comics about friendship, violence, sex, and everything in between.”

Joking Hazard raised $3.2 million on Kickstarter in 2016!

Buy it now for just $25.00 on Amazon.

Shop Joking Hazard On Amazon

Secret Hitler Amazon Holiday Gift GuideSecret Hitler

From the creators of Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler is a fast paced game of deception and betrayal set in 1930’s Germany. Appropriate for ages 18 and up.

Secret Hitler raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter in 2015!

Buy it now for just Out of stock on Amazon.

Shop Secret Hitler On Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide for Drinking Buddies

Give responsibly.

uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler Holiday Gift Guide

uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

uKeg keeps 64 ounces of straight-from-the-tap craft beer fresh and carbonated for 2+ weeks. A beer tap with pressure and beer-level gauge is built directly onto this vacuum insulated stainless steal beast. uKeg runs on standard 8 gram CO2 cartridges that cost less than $0.50 each.

uKeg raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter in 2014!

Buy a 64 ounce uKeg now for just $149.00 on Amazon or grab the gallon size for just $198.60

Shop uKeg On Amazon

Norlan Whisky Glass Pair Holiday Gift GuideNorlan Whisky Glass

Elevate your dram of whisky with Norlan, a hand-blown double-walled snifter glass that was engineered to be the perfect whisky drinking vessel. The round outer glass with a concave rim feels sturdy in your hand and good on your lip, while the more traditional snifter-like inner wall with protruding spikes aerates your spirit and elevates its aromatics.

Norlan raised $807,452 on Kickstarter in 2015!

Buy a pair for just $48.00 on Amazon.

Shop Norlan On Amazon

Polar Ice Ball Tray Holiday Gift GuideClear Ice Ball Maker by Polar

There’s nothing worse than finishing off a tasty cocktail with one final watered-down sip. Next time use one of these slower melting 2.5 inch ice balls in your glass and take your time enjoying your drink.

The Polar Ice Try raised $291,356 on Kickstarter in 2015.

Buy one now for just $29.99 on Amazon.

Shop Polar Ice On Amazon

Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass Holiday Gift GuideGoverre Wine Glass

Take wine on the go with Goverre, a travel wine glass made from durable, dishwasher safe, and (most importantly) discreet white glass. The glass construction preserves the taste and integrity of the wine while Goverre’s spill-proof drink-through lid and silicon sleeve help prevent red wine disasters.

Goverre raised $63,547 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy one now for just $24.00 on Amazon.

Shop Goverre On Amazon

Hidden Koozie Holiday Gift GuideTrinken Stealth Koozie

This one is for the friends in your life with one too many Open Container tickets. Trinken Lid snaps on top of a standard 12 ounce can of beer, allowing it to then be hidden inside a standard size coffee cup, such as the collapsible cup that is included with your purchase or all of those Starbucks cups piling up in your friend’s back seat.

Trinken Stealth Koozie raised $70,408 (Canadian) in December 2016.

Buy one now for just Out of stock on Amazon.

Shop Trinken On Amazon

Gift Ideas For Aspiring Home Chefs

Functional and/or Fun Tools For The KitchenClick & Grow Kitchen Herb Garden Holiday Gift GuideClick & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden

This “set it and forget it” smart indoor herb garden takes all of the work out of growing fresh herbs in your kitchen. Click & Grow uses soil sensors to control its built-in LED grow lights and irrigation system, ensuring your plants enjoy optimal growing conditions. Click & Grow comes with three basil plants to get you started, but the company sells a variety of other seed pods including kitchen staples like thyme, parsley, and mint.

The original Click & Grow raised $625,851 on Kickstarter in 2013.

Buy it now for just Out of stock on Amazon.

Shop Click & Grow On Amazon

Foodie Dice Christmas Gift GuideFoodie Dice

Tired of asking “what do you want for dinner tonight?” Let the luck of the draw decide for you with these ingredient-centric set of dice. Foodie Dice includes 5 primary dice (cooking method, protein, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and 4 seasonal veggie dice to come up with endless options to put on your plate tonight.

Foodie Dice raised $156,027 on Kickstarter in 2013.

Buy a set now for just $24.00 on Amazon.

Shop Foodie Dice On Amazon

Anova Sous Vide CookerAnova Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide style cooking lets home chefs create restaurant quality dishes with almost no chance of overcooking ingredients. The Anova makes sous vide easier and more accessible than ever. Simply attach it to any pot, add water, drop in your ingredients in a sealed bag or glass jar, press start, and monitor your cook via bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.

Anova raised $1.8 million dollars on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy one now for as low as $105.26 on Amazon.

Shop Anova On Amazon

Mason to Go Masonable Lids Holiday Gift GuidMason To Go Masonable Lids

Once you’ve cooked up something tasty in the kitchen, Mason To Go Mason Jar Lids provide you with an easy and sustainable way to take your food on the go. These double sided lids let you attach mason jars to both sides, perfect for salad/dressing and yogurt/granola combos!

Mason to Go Masonable Lids raised $19,234 in February of 2017.

Buy a 3-pack of lids for juston Amazon. $19.97

Shop Mason To Go Lids ON Amazon

Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Gift GuideGrilled Cheesus

Grill the face of Jesus into your sandwich? Yes it’s silly, but this sandwich press has over 80 five star reviews on Amazon and there was even an episode of Glee based on the Cheesus…

Grilled Cheesus raised $25,604 on Kickstarter in 2011.

Buy one now for just $39.95 on Amazon.

Shop Grilled Cheesus On Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Office

Whether it’s your coworker or workaholic spouses, these office gifts are sure to please.

Rocketbook Everlast Holiday Gift GuideRocketbook Everlast

We are moving to a paperless world, but there will always be a place for handwritten notes. With Rocketbook Everlast you get the best of both worlds. So long as you use a (included) Pilot Frixion pen, Rocketbook can be used and reused forever as the pages wipe clean with a damp cloth. Before you wipe your pages though, blast your notes to the cloud using the Rocketbook smartphone app.

Rocketbook Everlast raised $1.8 million in early 2017.

Buy one now for just $32.00 on Amazon.

Shop Rocketbook Everlast On Amazon

Standing Desk Gift GuideAutonomous SmartDesk

The standing desk trend is still going strong. For those still on the fence about standing all day, the Autonomous SmartDesk is a sit-to-stand desk powered by a silent high performance motor. While they sell complete desks on Amazon, this well-reviewed desk frame lets you pick your ideal desktop to spend your working hours staring at.

The Autonomous Sit To Stand Desk raised $285,422 on Kickstarter in May of 2015.

Buy one now for just $237.06 on Amazon.

Shop Autonomous SmartDesk On Amazon

Terramat Anti Fatigue Standing Mat Holiday Gift GuideCubefit TerraMat

For those that have already made the switch to standing, the TerraMat is an ergonomic anti fatigue mat that helps you keep your legs and feet from getting sore.

CubeFit TerraMat raised $108,570 in early 2017 on Kickstarter.

Buy it now for just $93.99 on Amazon.

Shop TerraMat On Amazon

Cubii Desk Elliptical Office Holiday Gift GuideCubii Under Desk Eliptical

Don’t feel shamed if you aren’t standing at work – desk-standers don’t have a monopoly on healthier habits. Desk-sitters can get in some easy and ergonomic exercise while seated on the Cubii under desk elliptical. And you can sync it with your FitBit and/or HealtKit to get credit for all of those extra steps!

Cubii raised $293,712 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy it now for just $349.00 on Amazon.

Shop Cubii On Amazon

Flyte Levitating Light Bulb Office Holiday Gift GuideFlyte Levitating LED Bulb

Flyte will add some stylish lighting that is sure to inspire “lightbulb moments” in the office with their levitating LED bulb. It looks like science fiction to us, but Flyte uses magnets and induction to achieve this wirelessly lit piece of functional desk art.

Flyte raised $617,238 on Kickstarter in 2015.

Buy it now for just $349.00 on Amazon.

Shop Flyte Levitating Light on Amazon

Gift Ideas For Travelers

For the road warriors in your life.

Mogics Power Bagel travel power stripMOGIC Universal Travel Power Strip

MOGICS Donut is a smaller-than-a-donut universal power strip with seven (count em, 7!) outlets. The Donut’s unique ring design prevents plugs from getting crowded, so you can make full use of the five three-pronged and two USB outlets.  Donut becomes even more valuable when you travel internationally, as it comes with a matching universal travel adapter.

MOGICS Donut raised $437,738 on Kickstarter in February 2016. 

Buy one now for just $49.00 on Amazon.

Shop MOGICS Donut on Amazon

Travel Gadgets Guide: Ostrich Light Travel PillowOstrich Travel Pillow

Catch some extra zzz’s while on the road with the Ostrich Pillow Light, a comfy pillow that can be used in a variety of positions as shown above.

The Ostrich Light Travel pillow raised £94,211 on Kickstarter in November 2013.

Buy it now for just $45.00 on Amazon.

Shop Ostrich Pillow On Amazon

Travel Gadgets Guide: Luminoodle LED Light RopeLuminoodle

Don’t let a setting sun ruin your outdoor fun. The Luminoodle LED Light Rope can be plugged into any USB power source (like the ones we share further below) and provides between 180 lumens (5 foot rope) and 360 lumens (10 foot rope) of night brightening light. Each LED light rope comes with noodle ties and magnetic loops so you can hang it on your tent, strap it to your bike, or clip it anywhere that needs some illumination.

The Luminoodle raised $388,464 on Kickstarter in October 2015. 

Buy one now for just $16.99 on Amazon or enter below to win one for free!

Shop Luminoodle on Amazon
Luminoodle LED Light Rope Giveaway

Everyday Messenger Bag Holiday Kickstarter Gift GuideEveryday Messenger

Everyday Messenger was designed specifically for adventurers, particularly those with a penchant for photography. While the Everyday Messenger can hold a DSLR with 3 lenses in its main compartment while simultaneously holding a laptop in its rear pocket, this isn’t just a camera bag. The weatherproof bag can be endlessly adjusted to provide internal storage for whatever you need to cram into it.

Everyday Messenger raised close to $5 million dollars on Kickstarter in 2015!

Buy one now for just $249.95 on Amazon.

Shop Everyday Messenger On Amazon

Nomatic 40L travel bag Kickstarter Holiday Gift GuideNomatic 40L Travel Bag

A lot of innovative luggage solutions have been crowdfunded over the years on Kickstarter, but the Nomatic stands above the rest, promising to be “the most functional travel bag ever”. Among other features, this TSA-compliant 40 liter bag is made from waterproof tarpaulin, has built in laptop and tablet pockets, and even has a separate laundry bag to keep your smells segregated. Watch the full video on Amazon to get a better sense of how awesome this bag is.

NOMATIC raised over $1.7 million on Kickstarter in 2016.

Buy it now for just $219.99 on Amazon.

Shop Fidget Cube On Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide For Pets

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season.

PetCube Bites Kickstarter AmazonPetCube Bites

Watch your dog or cat from afar in 1080p with this wide angle pet camera. If you think they are feeling lonely, tell them you miss them via two way audio or send them a treat with the push of a button.

PetCube Bites raised $319,193 on Kickstarter in 2016.

Buy it now for just $149.99 on Amazon.

Shop PetCube On Amazon

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool Kickstarter AmazonAquapaw Bath Scrubber

Pets have a universal hatred of the bathtub, so make bath time a little less stressful for both parties with Aquapaw, a handheld sprayer and brush that connects to your bath tub or garden hose.

AquaPaw raised $42,072 on Kickstarter in 2016.

Buy it now for just $24.99 on Amazon.

Shop AquaPaw On Amazon

Odin Dog Toy Kickstarter AmazonOdin Dog Treat Puzzle Toy

Put up to a cup of dog food or treats into this soft but durable puzzle toy to keep your dog entertained and rewarded for being a good boy or girl.

Odin raised $30,201 on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy it now for just $18.71 on Amazon.

Shop Fidget Cube On Amazon

LICKI Cat Brush Pet Gift GuidePDX Licki Cat Brush

For cats, grooming is a form of social bonding but as humans, we are “left out of the intimate licking ritual.” To make lovable licks enjoyable for both cat and owner, try a LICKI, a silicone mouthpiece that lets you lick your cat without all the hairballs. Because why not?

Licki raised $52,179 on Kickstarter in 2016.

Buy it now for just $24.99 on Amazon.

Shop Licki On Amazon

Luuup litter box Amazon Kickstarter Holiday Gift GuideLuuup Cat Litter Box

The Luuup litter box features an innovative three tray sifting system to make cleaning up after your cat quick and easy. Luuup features a cat-friendly open top design with easy to clean antimicrobial material.

Luuup raised $1.2 million on Kickstarter in 2014.

Buy it now for just $64.95 on Amazon.

Shop Luuup Litterbox On Amazon



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