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uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

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uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

uKeg Pressurized Beer Growler

Stale beer sucks. Luckily, the uKeg pressurized beer growler is here to help craft beer drinkers get fresh from the tap taste from the comforts of their own home.

Beer growlers aren’t a new concept by any means. If your local brewery doesn’t can or bottle your favorite beer, grabbing a half gallon growler to-go is often the best (and really only) option for off-premise imbibing. Yet once you pop the top and break the seal of carbonation on a growler, it’s a race against time to drink all 64 ounces of beer before it goes flat. With uKeg you can now patiently sip your precious craft brew without worrying about it going bad.

The folks at Growlerwerks added a tiny CO2 cartridge and variable pressure regulator into the uKeg’s cap combined with a draft tap welded into the growler’s body, creating a miniature beer keg that keeps your growler beer fresh and tasty for weeks. Unlike other pressurized growlers on the market that try squeeze a tube & tap into the cap, uKeg’s sturdy tap system is built straight into body of the growler, drawing beer from the bottom of the growler to make sure you get foam-free beer down to the last drop. Best of all, the tap system features a built-in pressure gauge and sight glass to help you monitor your beer supply and pressurization levels.

The steam-punky uKeg comes in two sizes – a standard 64 ounce growler or a pour-me-a-double 128oz gallon – and two styles – stainless steel or copper plated. And since form means nothing without function, the uKeg uses vacuum insulation to keep your beer cold and crisp all day, even if you are out and about and unable to keep it on ice or in the fridge.

uKeg launched 2014 with the help of 10,000+ Kickstarter backers that pitched in a whopping $1.5 million. Those backers had to wait around a year to get their uKegs in the mail but you can have one hit your doorstep in less than two days for just $128.78 thanks to Amazon.

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